Based in London, this acclaimed quintet has been packing up venues all over Europe and the UK.

The history of this band goes back to 2009. Initially as a quartet they have been focusing mainly on original music, experimenting through a broad range of aesthetics as well as band members and culminating in the full grown and conceptually strong band it is today.

Their pungent and engaging live performances have been stirring up the seats of their audiences attracting a reputation of one of the best live bands playing in London today” and drawing comparison to bands like “Led Bib” or “Trio VD”.

Despite its obvious Jazz roots, this music unveils a vast background of musical influences where energetic rock-like riffs together with hints of classical and world music create here an extremely unique and dynamic sound capable of captivating even the most reluctant listener.

They jumped into international recognition in 2012 when the release of their debut album “Doors” hit the Jazz community enticing the critics to call them “innovative” and “intriguing” but it was in the beginning of 2016 that their second album “New World” completely cemented the quintet as one of the most exciting contemporary jazz bands of the moment.



George Crowley – tenor sax
Chris Williams – alto sax
Dave Hamblett – drums
Andrea Di Biase – bass
Vitor Pereira – guitar

Track List:
01. Age of Austerity
02. New World
03. Bohm´s Hologram
04. Empire of Lies
05. Under the Pillow
06. Gangsters Undercover
07. Miranda
08. Simple Disguise
09. Surfing Mini Waves
Vitor Pereira Quintet - Album Doors

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